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This is how we do business if you already have plans



Verify you have Complete Plans and or Specifications: 

  • Defining “Complete” vs. in progress

Initial Call to our office:

  • Deciding to get together and the goals for meeting before inviting us over to your home

Initial meeting at your Home:

  • Taking the time to meet and learn about each other

Decide to work with Swiss Appeal: 

  • Agreeing to work together as well as clarifying why and how

Create Fixed Price Proposal:

  • Due diligence required by both of us to accurately price your project

Committing to Construction:

  • Executing a MA HIC compliant Construction Agreement

Establish and Confirm the Project Schedule: 

  • Creating and agreeing to a schedule that works for both of us

Keeping each other Informed During Construction:

  • Methods and meetings to communicate and confirm progress and details

Wrapping up Your Project:

  • Working together to complete your project before our craftsman and tools leave your home

Initial Call to Our Office

After you have reviewed our web site  and decided to contact Swiss Appeal Design + Construction, we will start  off our relationship by having a phone conversation with the purpose of  confirming there is a fit between what you are looking for and the  services we offer.  On that initial call together we will also confirm  what we both want to accomplish should we decided and agree to get  together at your home. 

In addition to discussing what is  important to you about your project, Ben will ask for your commitment  to discuss these important topics as well:  

  • Why  you want to do your project and what will be important to you about the  construction of the project as well as the contractor you want to work  with? This will help both of  us make sure Swiss Appeal Design + Construction is the right company to  work with based on your purpose for doing the project as well as what  you will expect of your contractor.
  • What budget range or investment amount you have set aside for your project? If  you are not sure what budget you will need to have for your desired  project we can help you gain a realist understanding of what to expect.  Having an open and honest discussion about the budget for your project  will help both of us make sure we are on the same page when choosing  products and finishes. It will also help both of us eliminate surprises  and or disappointments.
  • What  your decision making process will be regarding the project as well as  choosing the contractor you will partner with to assist you with your  project. By discussing how  you plan to make your decisions we can both agree and commit to what  each of us will need to do to be sure you can ultimately make a  confident decision about choosing to work with Swiss Appeal Design +  Construction.

If we both agree it makes sense to get together we will set up a date and time to have an initial meeting.  To support and protect our reputation for “Swiss Precision” we will  require that all decision makers involved in the project be in  attendance at this and any other meetings.  If for any reason someone  involved cannot attend a scheduled meeting we ask you let us know in  advance so we can reschedule for a better date and time. 

Initial meeting to get to know each other:

At  our first in person meeting together we will confirm and discuss the  list of items we both agreed to on our initial call.  We will also use  this meeting to decide if there is a good fit between what you are  looking for in your contractor and how Swiss Appeal Design +  Construction does business.  

At this meeting it is important for  both of us to have an open and honest discussion about what is  important to you and the success of your project. 
* It is also important to note that all meetings will be scheduled during  our established normal business hours of 7:00AM to 7:00PM Monday  through Friday.  

Next steps if we agree there is a fit:

 Creating a fixed price proposal for your project

If  at that initial meeting we both decide it makes sense to have Swiss  Appeal Design + Construction prepare a fixed price proposal for you, our  next step will be to agree on and schedule any return visits to your  home required for us to properly price your project.   If the work scope  of your project requires it we will also ask our trade partners to  become involved.  If you still need to make certain decisions and  product selections before we can prepare a fixed price proposal for you,  we can refer you to our vendor partners for the help you need to  confirm product selections. 

Committing to construction of your project

As  we near completion of creating a fixed price written proposal from your  plans and specification we will schedule a meeting of all involved  decision makers so we can go over our fixed price proposal together and  make a final decision about working together. 

Should you decide  to go forward with us to work with you on your project we require you  sign our proposal and provide the deposit required as acceptance to put  your project in our schedule.   We will then prepare and execute a MA  HIC compliant Construction Agreement

If you do not commit to go  forward with Swiss Appeal Design + Construction at this meeting our  fixed price proposal will remain the property of Swiss Appeal Design +  Construction.   We can however, after our meeting together, prepare and  send you a brief project summary indicating the total project cost.  

Establishing and confirming the project schedule

At  Swiss Appeal Design + Construction establishing and sticking to a  construction schedule is of utmost importance.  The exact start date of  your project will be conditional on you selecting and us confirming the  availability or ordering lead time of all products and materials to be  included.  This is required to control costs, protect the fixed price  for your project, reduce construction delays and minimize the impact of  construction activities on you and or your family.   It also helps us  make sure we can live up to our promise to other customers to start  their project on schedule as promised.

Keeping you informed and involved during construction

To  help us reduce construction delays and minimize the impact of  construction activities on you and or your family, you will also need to  commit to attending and participating at scheduled meetings during the  construction of your project.  The types of meetings and the number of  meetings will depend on the size and nature of your project. By  attending these meeting you will help us complete your project with the  quality you expect, in a timely fashion.

Working together to wrap up your project:

As  we near the close of your project we will meet together one more time  to review and complete our Pre-completion Quality Control Checklist,  identifying all the work that still needs to be completed before we pack  up our tools and equipment, do a final job site clean-up and ask for  final payment.

We offer a 1 yr warranty on all labor and material  provided by us.   Your project warranty will begin as soon as the items  on the Pre-completion Checklist have been completed 

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