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Precision is a way of doing business for us

Because  of our experience of building and remodeling homes in the Blackstone  Valley for almost ten years, we have learned a lot about how  construction and business should be done here in the United States to  maintain a Swiss level of accuracy and personalized service for our  clients. This has helped us develop the standard ways we do business so we can guarantee desired end results.

We offer two options to help you with your project:

Here at Swiss Appeal Design + Construction we offer two purposeful ways of working together with you depending on where you are in your project planning and decision making process.

You already have professionally completed plans

 If you already have professionally completed plans and specifications for your project, as well as a realistic budget  plan, and you are now ready to select  the company you will work with,  we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

We consider plans and specifications to be complete if the design  of your project and the products to be used have all been finalized and  all of the construction details required are included, so our company and our trade partners can use them to assemble a fixed cost for your project without making assumptions.

We also require that you have and are willing to share a realistic budget for completing your project. If your budget is not realistic we will  let you know. Without a realistic budget we will not be able to assist  you.  If you already have professionally completed  plans and specifications click below for description of our process, from first phone call to  final clean up, so you can confidently decide if it is right for you and  your project.Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

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You need help with design and specifications

If you do not already have completed plans and or specifications for your project we have a process to assist you,  assuming you also intend to have us complete the construction of your  project. Our process is designed to help us both work together to:

  1. Determine a realistic budget and one you are willing to commit to
  2. Develop a design concept
  3. Evaluate and identify appropriate materials and detailed specifications
  4. Discuss and confirm the sequence of construction activities
  5. Discuss and create a realistic start and completion schedule for your project
  6. Prepare a fixed price proposal with detailed specifications

With our managed process the design of your project will never exceed your budget,  unless you choose to do so. With this approach you will only pay for  design once. If after presenting our fixed price proposal you choose to  work with us, the cost of our design and specification services will be  applied towards the construction contract. This is because at Swiss  Appeal Design + Construction we consider these services to be integral  parts of our overall construction process.

If you need plans and specifications for your project click below to see a detailed description of our process, from first phone call to  final clean up, so you can confidently decide if it's right for you and  your project. 

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